Pneumatic Conveying

The most efficient way to transfer powders and granules within processing machinery

Nilfisk Pneumatic Conveying

Nilfisk offers a variety of conveying options, including powder conveying, capsule conveying and the latest Nilfisk conveying technology, PCC (pneumatic compressed air conveying). All options adhere to the high standards required in conveying applications.

Pneumatic conveyors transfer grains, powders, tablets and empty capsules from containers to process machines. The range includes electric and compressed air powered pneumatic conveyors.

Conveyors help increase automation and health and safety of your personnel by eliminating the task of manually scooping powder into process machines.

Dust-free conveying is essential to the life of the product and overall safety of the environment and personnel.

Eliminate Cross-Contamination with Pneumatic Conveyors

Hygiene is extremely important in food & pharmaceutical applications. Choosing to incorporate the right conveyor into the process can help eliminate the risk of cross-contamination and maintain hygienic standards by minimizing the discharge of dust into the environment. This ensures the equipment in the process area is both non-polluting and environmentally friendly.

COAXTM Vacuum Techonology

Nilfisk’s PCC line of conveyors features COAXTM vacuum technology that not only help reduce energy consumption, but also supply 30% more vacuum than traditional systems. This technology is extremely reliable, with no moving parts and 3-stage energy efficiency.