Combustible Dust

Mitigate the risks of combustible dust

Keep your people and facility safe with certified explosion-proof industrial vacuums

OSHA estimates that 30,000 U.S. facilities are at risk for major combustible dust explosions across all industries. The conditions for disaster exist in all types of facilities – from food processing to pharmaceutical manufacturing to metalworking. All it takes is one spark for airborne dust to ignite.

For the past decade, Nilfisk has led the industry in developing a line of explosion-proof and dust ignition-proof vacuums built from the ground up to help mitigate the threat of combustible dust.

Explore this section to learn about the OSHA and NFPA requirements for combustible dust management. Find out what you need to do to choose the right vacuum and keep your facility safe and compliant.

Combustible dust explosion

Understanding OSHA regulations on combustible dust

While it’s true that as yet there is no formal OSHA regulation on combustible dust, you can still be held accountable for safety violations and get stiff penalties.

Watch the video to learn about how OSHA defines its guidelines on combustible dust and what you need to do to comply.

Taking the first steps to comply with NFPA 652

NFPA 652 serves as the unifying standard for managing combustible dust fire and explosion hazards across industries, processes and dust types.

Watch this video to learn about the steps you need to take at your facility to comply with NFPA 652 and keep your facility free from the risks of combustible dust.

Certified Vacuums and NFPA Standards

Even if your facility is not a hazardous or classified environment, you may still be required to use certified explosion-proof and NFPA-compliant industrial vacuums.

Watch this video to learn the rules you need to know to comply with NFPA guidelines.

Understanding what “explosion-proof” really means

“Explosion-proof” is not an industry buzzword or marketing gimmick. It is a serious designation that can only be applied to industrial vacuums that have been tested by a NRTL and comply with certain requirements.

Watch the video to learn all about what it means to be a explosion-proof vacuum.

Choosing the Right Vacuum to Stay Safe & Compliant

OSHA and NFPA don’t just recommend how you should clean, they also dictate what kind of vacuum you should use.

Selecting the appropriate vacuum for your environment and/or application can be difficult, so Nilfisk created a helpful decision tree to lead you through the process.

Watch to video to learn how to go about selecting a vacuum that is appropriate – and compliant – for your environment and application.

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