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OSHA estimates that 30,000 U.S. facilities are at risk for major explosive dust detonations across all industries, primarily food manufacturing. And every year, foodborne illnesses cost the food industry more than $15.6 billion and send 53,000 Americans to the hospital. So, the threat to your facility – and the success of your company – is very real.

That’s why we’ve spent decades developing rugged, powerful vacuums designed to meet the needs of the food industry. We deliver high-performance, specialized vacuums that OSHA, the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture recommend – and in some cases require – to eliminate threats from contaminants and combustible dust.

For clean-up of process, storage and support areas around the facility, Nilfisk also offers a range of floor care cleaning equipment and high pressure washers. Download this infographic for a look at the Nilfisk family of cleaning equipment for food manufacturing.

Explosion/Static protection

Keeping your facility safe and compliant

Reduce risk when cleaning explosion-prone liquids or pulverized powders such as flour or grain dust. Nilfisk delivers a full line of certified explosion proof vacuums available in electric and pneumatic models. They feature non-sparking, stainless steel construction and anti-static hoses to protect operators from sparks caused by static electricity.



Specialized vacuums for your needs

Whether you are making pasta, bread, biscuits, or confectionery, you have three basic needs – keeping the oven perfectly clean, assuring total hygiene in the production environment, and mitigating the explosion risks from airborne flour and dust.

Nilfisk delivers all the industrial vacuum solutions you need, specifically designed to make your bakery run smoothly – and safely.

Keeping ovens clean

Vacuuming the inside of ovens

Keeping the inside of your ovens free of burnt crumbs, flour or any other production waste helps avoid contamination of the product and reduces the risk of fire and explosion. To help with this chore, Nilfisk delivers rugged, heat-resistant accessories. High-temperature wands, nozzles, and Nomex® filters withstand extreme oven temperatures, allowing you to clean ovens without waiting for them to cool. So you get:

  • Better product quality
  • Less buildup of dust that can cause fires and explosions
  • Healthier and cleaner working environment
Keeping production lines clean

Protect the integrity of your products

Nilfisk industrial vacuums give you the performance you need to maintain a thorough cleaning process for your production lines. That means you can:

  • Limit cross contamination across lines
  • Increase compliance with the FDA’s GMPs and the HACCPs
  • Prevent costly product recalls caused by food-borne illnesses and allergen contamination

Integrated, continuous-duty cleaning

Burnt crumbs, flour or other production waste can contaminate your product. Nilfisk vacuums can be integrated directly into your production line to continually capture production waste at the source. For large production lines, a centralized vacuum system might be the right solution.

Daily line cleaning

Daily cleaning with Nilfisk vacuums saves you money on plant cleaning and prevents damage due to machinery downtime.

Advanced HEPA and ULPA filtration safely collects bacteria and germs without venting them back out in the air. This maintains a safe workplace and helps prevent product contamination.

Overhead cleaning

Integrated, continuous-duty cleaning

Dust and particles that accumulate on ceiling beams and other high, out-of-reach areas in industrial plants often cause problems. When the dust falls from suspended pipes and beams onto the production lines and machinery, it can cause technical malfunctions and – worse yet – contaminate the product.

To combat this challenge, Nilfisk vacuums feature special, easy-to-use attachments and powerful suction for the cleaning power you need.

Controlling packaging waste

Collecting scraps and trim

During the packaging process, cutting machines and other equipment produce waste, scraps and trims.

Designed for long, maintenance-free run times, Nilfisk ”R” series industrial vacuums are specifically designed to continuously collect trims while preserving product integrity. The “R” series’ high vacuum pressure compresses the collected debris to optimize the 30- to 40-gallon collection capacity.

Built to handle large volumes of product

Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors and centralized vacuum systems are commonly installed in coffee production facilities to manage tons of coffee – whole beans, grinds and powders.

Conveying and collecting roasted coffee and coffee powders

Conveying raw and roasted coffee

Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors are designed for transferring beans, powders and grains. Coffee beans can be taken directly from bags, drums, big bags and other containers and released at a certain distance, at the desired times and in the desired quantities.

Collect coffee powder from capsules and pod production lines

Prior to being packed, capsules and pods are brushed, creating nuisance airborne coffee powder. To control this dust, you can use a Nilfisk continuous-duty vacuum system to do it at the source or a portable vacuum for line cleaning between runs.

Recovery of liquids and waste in production, storage and ageing systems

Nilfisk offers industrial vacuums designed to collect liquids, solid organics and other waste materials in food storage and ageing areas.

This improves workplace safety, makes the production site more hygienic, and decreases the risk of product contamination.

Collecting and separating solids and liquids

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are designed to recover meat, debris and liquids in slaughterhouses and then separate solids from liquids. After recovery, liquids can be quickly expelled and solid materials can be removed separately. One tool, many benefits.

Salt collection and recovery

Nilfisk stainless steel industrial vacuums – with specific accessories and optional add-ons – are used in meatpacking facilities to recover salt from salting operations. The stainless steel construction can withstand the harsh salt and other corrosive materials. This means many kilos of salt are recovered, saving time and money.

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