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Industrial vacuums for paper manufacturing

Control the threat of respirable and combustible dust and improve production efficiency

Paper mills face unique, and potentially hazardous, cleaning challenges. Paper dust is fibrous – and tenacious. It sticks to walls, ceilings, machinery and overhead areas and can slow production or threaten product quality. Paper dust can also cause worker health issues and could put your facility at risk for combustible dust incidents.

Nilfisk has been working with the paper industry since 1906. Manufacturers count on us to provide the powerful, long-lasting industrial vacuums they need.

Long-lasting vacuum performance

Nilfisk delivers a full line of industrial vacuums with specialized features designed to tackle the serious cleaning issues you deal with every day.

Clean more efficiently to save time and money

Equipped with the right hose and accessories, industrial vacuum cleaners can cut cleaning time in half without stirring up surrounding dust.

Specifically, paper mills will find extreme value in overhead cleaning kits comprised of long extension wands and curved nozzles that quickly and easily remove paper dust from overhead pipes and other areas where dust settles but goes unnoticed from standard viewpoints.

Nilfisk offers powerful vacuums with hundreds of specialized accessories to make the job easy. You can even get a split hose attachment that enables two workers to use one vacuum at the same time.

Controlling the threats caused by paper and cardboard dust and debris

Although there currently is no enforceable standard limiting occupational exposure to paper dust, many mill workers have complained of respiratory symptoms like chronic cough, chest tightness and wheezing and other conditions, such as asthma, sore throats and migraines.

In addition, the threat of combustible dust incidents is always high in facilities like paper manufacturing plants with a great deal of airborne dust.

Industrial vacuums are customizable systems that can be equipped for any cleaning application, and investing in this type of superior equipment is a solid first step in minimizing the risks associated with the paper industry.

Nilfisk vacuums can be an integral part of a solid housekeeping plan to help you meet industry regulations, improve worker safety and increase productivity.

Controlling paper dust

Regular machine cleaning keeps workers healthy and reduces stoppage for maintenance operations.

Special nozzles and cleaning attachments are needed to collect paper and dust in narrow places in and around the presses and other equipment. Nilfisk offers a flexible, 40 mm PVC hose so the user can easily reach the places where cleaning is required.

  • Avoid machinery downtime
  • Increase health and safety
  • Decrease time for cleaning

Controlling ink and toner particulate

Ink and toner particulate are very fine and often difficult to collect and contain. Bag systems, M filter, cartridge purge and/or HEPA filtration are often required for this application. Some companies recycle toner and need several workers for this process.

Nilfisk recommends a centralized vacuum solution with cartridge and pulse system to ensure top performance. A 40 mm PVC conductive hose is recommended to avoid static buildup.

  • Increase health and safety
  • Decrease cleaning time
  • Decrease costs

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