High-performance machines for pharmaceutical processing

Industrial vacuums and pneumatic conveyors deliver a high standard of hygiene, avoid cross contamination and increase production efficiency

Pharmaceutical processing facilities face some of the toughest cleaning challenges around – like cross contamination of products and the dangers of potent compounds and combustible dust. That’s why we’ve spent the past century developing cleaning, conveying and containment equipment that meet the rigorous demands of the fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries.Nilfisk delivers the systems you need to limit cross contamination in your tablet presses, capsule filling, milling and polishing machines, pill de-dusters, central systems and other equipment.

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Keeping your facility safe and compliant

A wide variety of simple, safe disposal options are available – including the industry-leading Safe-Pak® system – so you can provide maximum protection from potent compounds or other hazardous materials.

To reduce risk when working with mixtures that include potentially combustible dusts, Nilfisk offers our full EXP line of electric or air-operated explosion-proof vacuums, certified for use in hazardous environments.

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Total support for pharma manufacturers

The production of pharmaceuticals requires effective, highly engineered solutions that can guarantee excellent hygiene, top-quality product and safe working conditions for operators.

Nilfisk industrial vacuums, conveyors and containment systems provide dust control during the entire tablet and capsule production process – from powder to package!

Maintaining product integrity

Nilfisk industrial vacuums deliver all the features you need to remove dust from the environment and from your equipment – avoiding product contamination.

Powerful motors and advanced filtration efficiently collect and contain large amounts of fine powders. HEPA and ULPA filters ensure contaminant-free exhaust and all units are built with a corrosion-resistant, stainless steel or powder-coated finish for improved decontamination, sanitization and validation.

You can select mobile units for spot cleaning production areas or fixed equipment that can integrate with processing lines to capture dust at the source.

Benefits and Advantages

  • Avoids dust dispersion and product contamination – conveyed material is kept in an isolated environment from pickup to release point.
  • Moves pharmaceutical mixtures while preserving their integrity, keeping the percentages of single components intact
  • Avoids the opening of empty capsules during conveying
  • Increases productivity and automation

Conveying the dust mixture

Nilfisk pneumatic conveyors move dry raw materials, such as powders and granules, to feed processing machines and systems such as reactors, mixers, dosing machines, bins and blistering machines. We are always ready to provide customized solutions.

Pushing capsules

A pushing system is frequently used to move and transfer empty capsules of different sizes to the filling machine, preserving their integrity. The machines move the material to the required location in the selected quantities and within the desired time. The product conveying process takes place in perfect hygienic conditions, respecting both the environment and operators’ health.

Dust containment

The recovery of pharmaceutical active compounds requires special devices and features to protect the operator from contact. Nilfisk has designed a high containment filter unit (up to OEB5) for this application.

Total safety

  • Containment level up to OEB5
  • HEPA14 absolute filtration
  • Safe replacement of filters and disposal of collected material
  • Wash in place to deactivate dust into the unit
  • Validation of the unit before installation
  • Suitable for combustible dust

GMP conformity

  • Easy to clean and sanitize. Validation of the washing and cleaning processes before installation.
  • Complete disconnection of the filter unit from the vacuum line at the end of the operation to avoid cross contamination.


  • 24/7 operating machines
  • High-capacity container
  • Devices to detect the status of the filters and machine performances
  • Ease of use
  • Easy replacement of the filters and consumable parts
  • Risk of mistakes reduced to a minimum

Safe absolute filter replacement

The HEPA filter can be safely removed thanks to the bag in/bag out (BIBO) system. The operator does not come into contact with the contaminated particulate filter while removing the bag, protecting the operator against contaminants. The sealed bag containing the filter is then safely removed and disposed of.

Safe material disposal

Opening a butterfly valve at the bottom of the unit empties the collected material into a plastic bag. The bag can then be safely sealed, removed and replaced by the operator without any contact with particles.

Clean in place (CIP) and wash in place (WIP)

The cyclone unit and filter unit can be washed inside – both by complete flooding and sprayballs – deactivating dust on the surfaces. The exhaust air is filtered by HEPA filters, while the washing liquid can be safely discharged. The CIP and WIP processes can be validated with fluorescein tests before installation.

Continuous dust collection

Fixed-position vacuuming is an integral part of the pharmaceutical production process.

Tablet presses, capsule filling machines and other equipment run continuously – producing residual dust as they work. This dust must be controlled and removed to avoid contamination of the product and the surrounding environment.

Because the filter is a crucial element in the fixed vacuuming application, Nilfisk vacuum cleaners are equipped with HEPA and/or ULPA certified filters.

Nilfisk industrial vacuums are an indispensable ally in the war against pharmaceutical product contamination. They ensure quality and maintain safety.

Ultimate cleaning equipment for cleanrooms

Nilfisk has been focused on this important cleaning application for decades. In fact, we engineered the first cleanroom-packaged vacuums and originally developed vacuums with HEPA, and now ULPA, filtration. Today, we can support you with vacuums approved for cleanrooms up to ISO 4 (Class 10).

Packaging for medicines is divided into two main categories – the external package and the internal blister pack for individual pills or dosages.
Nilfisk supports pharmaceutical packaging departments with industrial vacuum cleaners designed to collect packing trims, scraps and debris.

Collecting packaging trims and scraps

Using a Nilfisk industrial vacuum from the “R” series designed for packaging applications eliminates interruptions to clean the cutting machine. The Nilfisk vacuum collects the waste continuously while the machine is running.

Watch the video to learn more about the ”R” series.

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