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Industrial vacuums to prevent product contamination

Collect and contain microscopic particulates that can damage sensitive electronics components

Integrated circuit manufacturing processes require cleanliness levels exponentially greater than those recommended for operating rooms or pharmaceutical production. That’s why we build our vacuums to such high standards.

You get the performance you need – whether you’re working in a cleanroom or non-classed environment. Nilfisk industrial vacuums are integral to the production and packaging processes of many industry-leading electronics manufacturers.

Maximize product reliability

Preventing product contamination

Simply put, Nilfisk vacuums help you prevent product contamination, resulting in improved product reliability and saved cost for yield loss and recall issues. Nilfisk industrial vacuums:

  • Meet strict ISO 4 standards, collecting and retaining microscopic particulates that can damage the most sensitive electronics equipment
  • Deliver electrostatic protection for your parts with static discharge hoses and grounded tools
  • Exceed stringent manufacturing requirements – from highly engineered gaskets to carbon brush life expectancy that’s 200+ hours longer than average

Continuous collection of fine dust

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) are often made of specialty resins that are ground or sanded as part of an automated process. These operations generate very fine dust that must be captured at the source to prevent product contamination that could cause malfunctions.

Compact Nilfisk vacuums offer power, reliability, and a low noise level, which is very important for the comfort and well-being of employees.

The vacuums collect the resin dust inside a paper bag for safe and easy emptying of the collection container.​

Ideally, this inline vacuum system will run 24 hours a day and be linked to the production machine that manufactures the PCBs.

Collecting micro debris during microprocessor manufacturing

As an electronic chips manufacturer, you know that an absolutely clean environment is critical. For this application, a vacuum with ULPA U15 is recommended in order to ensure superior filtration levels and the thorough collection of carbon dust.

The Nilfisk IVT 1000 comes equipped with an ULPA filter behind the motor as standard. That ensures contaminant-free exhaust. And, as with all Nilfisk vacuums for electronics, it’s compact and powerful – but with very quiet operation.

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