Nestlé Purchasing Manager: Welcome to your dedicated Nilfisk area

We have tailored this area specifically to you and how we can help you to meet your purchasing objectives. Learn more about the benefits we can provide to you below or contact your Nilfisk consultant for more information.

Nilfisk’s worldwide presence

Global Presence

  • Fast response time
  • Similar solutions to Nestlé plants with similar applications
  • Pre- and post-sales support designed according to local needs
  • Reliable delivery dates
  • Local resource for spare parts and accessories

One Unique Consultant

  • One point of contact who will work with application engineers to find you the right solution.
  • Your consultant will create a comprehensive dust control plan that meets the needs of each plant.

Product Range

Industrial Vacuums
Primarily used for general cleaning around production lines, equipment and manufacturing site.

Centralized Vacuum Systems
Integrate the cleaning system into production machines. Central vacuums can supply several stations at the same time and guarantee a powerful production pick-up system so that waste can be recovered at one point.

Pneumatic Conveyors
Used to transport the raw food materials within the production process. Powders, granules and beans are gently and hygienically transported between the different process stages, from ingredient loading to mixers and packaging machines.

Antistatic Color Coded Accessories
Designed in cooperation with Nestlé, these accessories are FDA-approved and available in 6 different colors, in order to prevent cross-contamination. Antistatic to be used in explosive atmospheres.

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Your Nilfisk Consultant
Pamela Cristalli
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