Complying with the OSHA Silica Dust Standard

OSHA’s 2016 silica dust standard focuses on protecting workers from harmful silica dust. In order to comply with the new standard, industries handling silica dust must create a written exposure control plan and choose equipment to properly aid in collection and containment. With compliance dates as early as June 2017, it is now more important than ever to understand and comply with OSHA’s silica standard to protect workers.

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Myth Busters: Choosing the Right Vacuum to Stay Safe & Compliant

OSHA and NFPA don¹t just recommend how you should clean; they also dictate what kind of vacuum you should use. Selecting the appropriate vacuum for your environment and/or application can be difficult ­ view this video for an understanding of where to begin with Nilfisk’s helpful decision tree.

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Taking the First Steps to Comply with NFPA 652

NFPA 652 serves as the unifying standard for managing combustible dust fire and explosion hazards across industries, processes and dust types. Understanding the first steps is essential to avoid combustible dust hazards.

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Myth Busters: Understanding OSHA Combustible Dust Regulations

Just because there is no formal OSHA regulation on combustible dust, you can still be held accountable for safety violations and get stiff penalties. See if your facility might be in danger.

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Myth Busters: Certified Vacuums and NFPA Standards

Understand what certified and NFPA compliant vacuums really mean and how to make sure your vacuum equipment meets all the requirements.

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Nilfisk VHS110 Certified Class II, Division 2 Vacuum

The VHS110, single-phase industrial vacuum cleaner, is NRTL-certified for Class II, Division 2 classified (hazardous) locations. This helps facilities ensure compliance with NFPA 652 housekeeping recommendations for the safe collection of combustible dust.

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Myth Busters: Explosion-Proof Vacuums

“Explosion-proof” can only be applied to vacuum cleaners that have been tested by a NRTL and comply with certain requirements. View this video for more information.

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Multi-Stage Filtration: Critical Technology for Industrial Vacuums

This video demonstrates a multi-stage, over-sized, graduation filtration system. This system uses a series of progressively finer filters that capture increasingly smaller particles as they travel through the vacuum.

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